Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25: Annunciations and Thieves

Most sources will describe a Saint per day based on a pre-determined calendar.  This calendar assigns days called "Feast Days", which are days the Catholic faith decided to celebrate the life of a certain Saint, or in some occasions, an important event.  March 25 is one of the days that focuses on an event.  Today is called the Feast of the Annunciation of The Lord.  In plainspeak, this is the day that the archangel Gabriel made a surprise visit to a young teenager, and told her that she won the grand prize.  He said, in not-so-many-words, Hey!  You're awesome! You're so awesome, God is with you!

This confused her, and actually kind of concerned her.  I mean, an angel just walked into her house and told her that God had been keeping an eye on her.  That would probably startle anyone.   But, being an angel, he was no fool.  He could tell that she looked like she was wondering where the phone was, so she could call 911.   

Relax!  God likes you.  He likes you so much, you were chosen to give birth to a boy.  FYI, you'll name him Jesus, He told her.

Now, understand, he isn't gonna be just any ol' kid.  He's gonna go places!    People are going to give call him names like Son Of God, he's going to be traced to David's family tree... yeah, THAT David!  Hey, he's gonna be Top Dog over all the Israelites, and I mean ALL 12 TRIBES, sweetie!  Man, there won't be any stopping how high he can go!

Mary just stood there, taking this all in.  After staring at him for a few seconds, she said, Ummm... that's going to be pretty tricky.  I... haven't been with a man before.  I'm not even married. 

Gabriel had that look on his face, and said, Did you not hear what I just said?  DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH???  This is GOD we're talking about, girl!!  You see, He's going to send the Holy Spirit down on ya, and you won't know WHAT'S happening!  THAT'S how it's gonna happen.  So, you see, He really, honest and truly, often imitated but never duplicated, will be the Son of God!

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention.  Your cousin, Elisabeth?  I know she's pretty old, and past that special time in her life.  But, believe it or not, she's also pregnant.  6 months now, in fact!

All of this was alot for Mary to take all at once.  Woah!  Well, check it.  If God likes me, who am I to say no?  Bring it on!"  

Gabriel said, Cool.  Deuces!  and took off. 

Now, there might be some of you that will take what I just put up there and call it sacrilege. Let me add the little disclosure that these were MY interpretation of the Bible's words, not quotes from the Bible directly. 

And, think about it.  Gabriel didn't just simply tell her how it was going to be and then leave.  He stuck around until she ACCEPTED what was he told her would happen.  So, she actually had a choice in the matter.  I hope she really knew what she was getting herself into when she agreed to all that.  I'd hate to think she'd think later on, Dang!  What'd I get myself into here!

In my next post, I'll talk about an actual Saint for today, too.

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